Users Instructions
2014 multi mount information


This UNIQUE tube design was invented by British waterski instructors back in 2002 after years of intense testing-please do not confuse it with other copied market items, this is the original.

Thank you for purchasing this super ski recording mount, we hope you will be as pleased as we are with its results. Below is some information you may find helpful….

Upper mount:

Upon receiving the mount you will notice it has 2 places where you can fit phones, cameras etc. the top mount cap is for cameras and camcorders and simply pulls off, once done so if you turn the cap over you will notice a bolt with a spring in in the centre, you just tighten this into the hole on the underside of your device until it feels secure NOTE: if the screw is tightened all the way up and the camera still feels a bit loose it may be necessary to fit a washer or two to act as a simple spacer) simply re-fit the cap onto the tube and your good to go NOTE: when using bigger and heavier camcorders etc or if the cap is a little loose in the tube you can run a circle of electrical tape around the top or fit a rubber collar, this will help keep it secure in bumpy or rough conditions. We appreciate you are not likely to be skiing in rough conditions but your equipment is expensive so exercise caution where you can!

Lower mount:

On the lower mount it is simply a grab device that will grab your phone or go-pro etc and swivels 360 degrees so as to allow panoramic recording, it is very easy to use but delicate so PLEASE treat it gently as its very brittle.

Using the mount:

Fast and simple, just put you rope loop directly over your ski pole (DO NOT double loop it as you usually would or it wont work!) don’t worry the rope wont jump off as the inserted tube prevents the rope from coming off. Hold your rope in the pylons recess and then slide the tube over the pylon and rope, you will then see how it holds the rope in the recess securely NOTE: it is recommended that you smear a little hair conditioner around the inside off the lower section of tube (where it comes into contact with your pylon) this reduces friction and helps the mount turn much more smoothly and gives best results. Set your chosen device to record mode and as the slack is taken up from the skier you will notice the loop of the rope opens up inside the slot and should then securely hold the mount as the rope widens inside the slot, this is how the mount tracks your skier!


When you require the rope to be shortened for instance when on the slalom course you just take off the tube, shorten the rope as normal and then trail the unwanted excess rope back out of the slot so it is behind the driver and not getting around their feet!!

Enjoy your sets…


If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please email head office in the UK at: or call 0044 121 3131111

Should you break or loose a component, we keep spare stock and can ship within 3 days!

Please mail your ski sets to us along with info and your permission to use for promotional
Purposes and we will enter you into a free prize draw to win a free mount (one given every month)